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Mattress Cleaning in Oakton

Hello, residents of Oakton and its environs! Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Oakton is here to help you all transform your dirty mattresses into a wonder again!

We are a local team of certified specialists who understand how dangerous a dirty mattress can be to your health and that of your loved ones.

Dirt easily finds hiding spots inside your mattress, in fact, if you leave your mattress for a long while without proper and periodic cleaning, it might become the dwelling place of mites, molds, dust mites, insects like bedbugs and cockroaches, and all other kinds of contaminants. This is not good for your health!

Our Specialty

We understand that cleaning your mattress can be a laborious task especially because of its size and shape, however, we are man enough to get it thoroughly wiped and returned to its former clean state. Some of the services we offer for mattress cleaning include the following:

  • Steam cleaning: mattress steam cleaning is just the ticket for thorough cleaning. This type of cleaning involves the use of hot water and a powerful vacuuming machine to remove tough stains, staph, harmful bacteria, mold, and dust mites from your mattress. It is an effective method that is apt for cleaning your mattress.
  • Deep cleaning: for an inside-out cleaning of your dirty mattresses, you can opt for deep cleaning. This type of cleaning is more thorough than steam cleaning. It uses intense vacuuming, combined with chemical and deodorant application to remove odor, kill harmful bacteria and finally, expunge tough stains or staph from the mattress. It takes a few hours to dry but, after drying, you can be sure that your mattress has been restored to a clean state.
  • Mattress treatment: for mattresses that have been infested by molds, harmful bacteria, insects, allergens, and every other kind of pollutants, it's advisable that a mattress treatment is done before the mattress is returned to use.
    Mattress treatment is a way of ensuring that the mattress is entirely safe and free from any kind of bacteria infestation. Now, for the best mattress treatment, our specialists use special organic chemicals that have no side effects on you or your loved ones. However, during the administration of the treatment, it is expected that your pets and kids are removed from the area. This is just to ensure that they do not go near the treated mattress.
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Differences Between Deep Mattress Cleaning and Steam Mattress Cleaning

Several differences exist between deep cleaning and steam cleaning of mattresses. Some of the differences are captured below:

  • Intensity: in terms of intensity, deep cleaning is more thorough than steam cleaning as it directly targets specific mattress stains or problem areas. Steam cleaning, on the other hand, applies a general level of cleaning across the whole mattress.
  • Time: Deep cleaning takes more time than steam cleaning. The mattress deep cleaning process is rigorous.
  • Use of chemicals: during deep cleaning, chemicals may be applied to get rid of bacteria, insects, and the likes. In contrast, there is no use of chemicals when using the steam cleaning method.

Professional Methods of Mattress Cleaning

While DIY might come in handy for spring cleaning of tough stains on the mattress, you might need to call the professional cleaning team in Oakton, VA for deep cleaning and steam cleaning of your mattress. The specialists know what to do and how best to approach your dirty mattresses. So, to avoid wasting time, energy, and precious resources, opt for professional methods of mattress cleaning which include deep cleaning and steam cleaning of your mattresses

Why You Should Contact Us:

For the following reasons, you should call on us for your mattress cleaning:

  • We have top-notch equipment to do a perfect job.
  • Our specialists are highly capable to get the job done.
  • We have the needed wealth of experience.
  • We have the appropriate license and certification.
  • We offer our services at fair and affordable prices.

Ready for Mattress Cleaning Services in Oakton, VA?

A dirty mattress can disrupt your sound sleep and pose other severe hazards to your health. You must call for professional mattress cleaners to help you get them cleaned.

We are always available 24/7 to respond to your mattress cleaning needs; call us now to get started.

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